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Addistech security camera/CCTV/, Home Alarm & Fire Alarm system provider

AddisTech security camera/CCTV/ system provider is the pioneer of digital security system/video surveillance/ provider, supplier and installer of Security https://www.facebook.com/AddistechSolution/ Phone: +251 91 260 4414 Email: [email protected] Security& Alarms. 10 most common home security services / issues:  Bad locks used on exterior doors Inadequate reinforcement of door frames Poor or no locking hardware on windows […]

Ecowise Pest Control

Integrated Pest management service for commercial & residential property to eradicate & prevent pests year around like rodents & cockroach https://www.facebook.com/ecowisepc/ Phone: +251 91 205 4048 Email: [email protected] Pest control. 10 most common animal for pest control: Birds Termites Cockroaches Wasps Bees Ants Spiders Silverfish  Flying insects                              Rats & mice 

Anbessa korkoro – Ethiopian Steel

Ethiopian Steel PLC is a leading manufacturer of Galvanized, aluminium zinc coated and Color coated Steel roofing Sheets. https://www.facebook.com/Anbessa-korkoro-Ethiopian-Steel-629455340579125/              Phone: +251 91 396 3007 Roofing. 10 most common roof services / issues: Ventilation issues Moisture and mould in roof  Roof replacement Roof leaks Poor or faulty installation Replacing of tiles Trees and vegetation issues Bad flashing […]