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Easy Ways to Clean your Curtain and Blinds

Easy Ways to Clean your Curtain and Blinds

In Ethiopia curtains can be the reflection of your home from the outside. So you need them to be clean and crease-free! Don’t know how to clean them at home? Don’t worry; in Ethiopia we’ve got your back!

Most ready-made curtains and blinds have a manual that tells you how to care for them. Otherwise, you can ask any curtain manufacturer in your area or even google it! Or read this article!

How to Wash Curtains?

It is best if you put the settings on wool and low spin. The water pressure is crucial. You need to ensure it is high as it will help maintain the look of the fabric. Use a gentle detergent and add a few spoons of vinegar! This will disinfect your curtains.

Make sure you are not stuffing the washing machine too much; if the curtains are long, do it one at a time.

You can also hand wash the curtains but make sure to save your floor from any excess water. When your curtains are damp, put them on the wire to dry completely; this will also help with the creases.

Venetian Blinds:

They are to be cleaned with a dust cloth or a micro-fiber cloth. You can clean them while they are hanging. If there is a lot of buildups, use a damp cloth. Be careful with aluminum blinds as they scratch easily, and later, the scratches look bad.

If you plan on taking the blind down (which is time consuming!), put it in a bathtub with cold water. Blinds are washed in water with a temperature lower than 30 degrees. Then, add in a gentle detergent and vinegar.

Vertical Blinds:

Don’t fold the slabs directly if you plan on taking them off and washing them by hand. Otherwise, you can just dust it with micro-fiber or dust cloth.

While washing with hands, submerge in water and liquid wash. Scrub it gently to get the buildup out. Pat dry it and hang it back on its brackets.

Roller Blinds and Roman Blinds:

They are easily cleaned as they don’t get too much dust or grind. Just clean them with a damp dust cloth. We won’t suggest you take them off as it is a tedious task and they can tangle easily.

Pleated Blinds:

Just take a micro-fiber cloth or any dust cloth and clean all the pleas one by one. You will surely get all of the dirt off.



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