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Pros of getting Home Cleaning Services

Pros of getting Home Cleaning Services

In Ethipia a clean house is a blessing! But cleaning a house? Not so much! When you have to clean the house, you will probably get tired and frustrated. You need to sit back and relax! The solution is now evident. You need to have house cleaning done by professionals. Apart from this, there are […]

Agency Issued Notice to CSOs to Register Their Properties

Agency Issued Notice to CSOs to Register Their Properties

The agency that works for the civil organizations to regulate CSOs has asked all the societies, including locals and foreign ones, to register properties and provide reports on the assets to date. The civil society organizations are tube. Time to furnish the reports in both soft and hard form within the same year. The Agency […]

GSCS Int’l Africa

GSCS International Africa is an independent Auditing, Inspection, Certification & Training company on different national/ international standards, buyer COC and Management system certification. https://www.facebook.com/gscsethiopia/ Phone: +251 94 471 8868 Inspection & certification. 10 most common reasons / need for home inspections: Request when buying or selling your home To plan your maintenance and repairs Roof […]

Home Appliance Maintainance and Repair Solution.

Home appliiance maintanance and repair service https://www.facebook.com/wendueba/ Phone: +251 91 382 7304 [email protected] Appliances repair & installation. 10 most common appliance installations and services: Repair or replacement Dishwashers Dryers Washing machines Microwave ovens Ovens Fridges Stoves                              Coffee machines

Addistech security camera/CCTV/, Home Alarm & Fire Alarm system provider

AddisTech security camera/CCTV/ system provider is the pioneer of digital security system/video surveillance/ provider, supplier and installer of Security https://www.facebook.com/AddistechSolution/ Phone: +251 91 260 4414 Email: [email protected] Security& Alarms. 10 most common home security services / issues:  Bad locks used on exterior doors Inadequate reinforcement of door frames Poor or no locking hardware on windows […]

WAP Computer

WAP computers is the answer to all your tech needs. We provide sales, maintenance,networking and web design. Come visit, you won’t be disappointed. https://www.facebook.com/wapcomputech/ Phone: 251118685250 Email: [email protected] Computers & networks. 10 most common home related IT issues / tasks: Hardware troubleshooting & problems Software troubleshooting & problems Security concerns / hacking and Internet attacks  Browser […]

Ethiopian Plumbing and Electrical services team

A team of engineers and skilled technicians who are fully committed to solve your plumbing, electrical and mechanical problems. We give professional services as well as free online consulting. Message us and we will reply. https://www.facebook.com/Ethiopian-Plumbing-and-Electrical-services-team-382809341875373/ Plumbing. 10 most common plumbing services / issues: Clogged sinks Clogged toilets Clogged bathtubs and shower drains Leaky faucets […]

Cleaning company in Addis Ababa

we provide cleaning service of #new building,#residential building,#office, #many others #with fair price and quality service. https://www.facebook.com/athreecleaning021/ Phone: +251 91 320 5000 Email: [email protected] Cleaning. 10 most common home cleaning services: Kitchen cleaning  Bathroom cleaning Floor vacuuming and mopping Carpet cleaning Cleaning and maintenance of furnitures Dusting and wiping of surfaces Window cleaning Oven, micro oven […]

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning – HVAC Technician

HVAC strands for heating ventilating & air conditioning.it is a page of all AC & Refrigerator technicians gather altogether and share ideas. https://www.facebook.com/Refrigeration-Air-Conditioning-HVAC-Technician-109244717417530/ Phone: +251 99 143 5351 Air Conditioning. 10 most common aircon services / issues: Installation Replacement Electrical issues Not blowing cold air Insufficient air flow Low coolant levels Leakage& drainage problem High […]